Know Yourself.

Experience the magic of freewriting.
Write every day, without stopping to judge or edit.

Just write whatever comes to mind without stopping to judge, correct or edit.

It was Julia Cameron who first popularized the practice of morning pages, three pages of whatever crosses your mind, in The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. It is simple, just write whatever crosses your mind without stopping to judge, correct or edit.

Set a daily goal and write every day.

You choose your own goal. Julia Cameron recommended three pages which roughly translates to 750 words. We recommend at least 500 words as a daily goal.

Nothing is saved.

When you click , only the amount of words you wrote is saved. What you write never touches our server or database, giving you complete privacy and a safe space for your thoughts.

You do have the option to save as .txt and copy to clipboard, if you still would like to keep what you have written.

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